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Salvation History

with Sue Athey


Join us for a 6-week exploration of God's love story with all humanity!  From Creation through King Solomon.

Have you ever wondered...

  • Does Genesis present a scientific explanation of Creation? Do Adam and Eve have belly buttons? What is really happening in the story of Adam and Eve?
  • If the earth was reborn after the flood, how did the sin of Adam and Eve enter Noah's world?
  • How did Abraham live up to God's calling? How did he fall short? And how does the story of Abraham look forward to Christ and the redemption of man?
  • How did the chosen people, the Hebrews, come to be known as the nation of Israel? Why are they later referred to as the Jews?
  • What is the true significance of God telling Moses His name?
  • At Sinai, was Moses the only one God spoke to?
  • Anticipating that the Hebrews would demand a king, what limitations does Moses place on kingly power (how does that apply in today's world)? And which king of Israel violated every one of these limitations?

But most of all, how do the stories presented in Historical Narrative books of the Old Testament show us God's love, God's patience, and God's mercy?

The course is offered on-line only on Wednesday evenings starting Sep 29.

  • Sep 29 - Nov 3rd, 2021
    Wed for 6 weeks from 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Zoom Conference

For directions, call us at 303-929-4002

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