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Foundations of Scripture

with DC4EC Scripture Team


This one-year program has four specific objectives:

1) To provide a framework for making Sunday Mass more meaningful. At Mass we hear three readings from Scripture; but often, they seem disjointed and lacking in context. In the Gospel, we often hear references to “at it was written…” Really? Where? The lector may announce a reading as coming from Baruch.  Okay. Who is Baruch? This course provides a grounding for Scripture, a Foundation.

2) To provide guidance for how to read the Bible. The Bible is not a textbook, nor is it a novel. There are narrative books, historical books, songs, poetry, laws. Further, every passage has a literal context (what is happening or being said); but we also need to understand the typology of key passages, guidance for moral behavior, and prefiguration of events yet to happen. Additionally, between books there are quotations, allusions, and echoes. How are we to make sense of all this?

3) To provide guidance for how to understand Scripture.  Our modern world's orientation toward science and a strict imposition of chronology interferes with our ability to understand Scripture. We need to focus less on the 'what' and concentrate on the 'who'. Scripture is God telling us who he is; and equally important, God reminding us who we are because we have forgotten.

4) To demonstrate how Scripture is inculcated into every facet of Catholic life. Are Catholics Bible Christians? YES! Scripture permeates our Liturgy; Scripture is the basis for our Sacramental life; Scripture provides depth and richness to our Life of Prayer. Scripture is one of the greatest gifts God has given to us.

The following topics comprise our core curriculum:

  • The Biblical Canon
  • The Four Senses of Scripture
  • The Historical Narrative
  • Wisdom Literature
  • The Prophets
  • The Life of Christ
  • The Early Church
  • The Final Exhortation
  • Scripture and the Life of the Church

 All facilitators for this program are graduates of the Augustine Institute:

  • Tom Ryan, MA Theology
  • Sue Athey, MA Sacred Scripture
  • Phil Pratt, MA Theology
  • Lyn Rooney, MA Pastoral/Biblical Theology
  • Nick Meister, MA Theology

For more information, please contact Tom Ryan at

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  • Sep 12th, 2019 - May 14th, 2020
    Thu for 30 weeks from 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Holy Apostles Catholic Church

4925 N Carefree Cir
Colorado Springs, CO 80917 Get directions

Room: TBD

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