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Church and Culture

The Catholic Solution


with Thomas Ryan

Calendar Sep 24, 2020 at 9 am, runs for 6 weeks

Each of us is called to live our faith and by out witness re-energize our families, renew our Church, and recover our country. But first, following the pattern for renewal established by Vatican II, we must examine and if necesary adjust some basic understandings. Modern society embraces several false notions and misleading ideas that subconsciously shape our thinking, making it difficult to live our faith and answer the call of Christ!

We will examine Money, Taxes, Jobs, and the Economy:

  • The truth about money
  • What Christ actually taight regarding taxes
  • Fair prices and just wages
  • How a simple misunderstanding regarding jobs increases unemployment
  • Why the Church has always opposed socialism
  • How most modern economic models are fundamentally opposed to Christ's message
  • The Church's position on free markets

We will discuss Human Rights, Natural Rights, and Virtue:

  • How our culture's focus on rights actually destroys true human dignity
  • How rights result from a fundamental disordering of God's Divine Plan
  • How a focus on right inevitably produces the terrible conflicts we are experiencing in the world today
  • Why and how virtue must displace rights as the foundation for our society

We will close by examining Charity and Catholic Social Teaching:

  • What is charity? What is justice? What is mercy?
  • Tithing and taxes
  • Is government capable of charitable actions?
  • Why a personal goal of entering heaven falls far short of what God actually calls us to
  • What is our responsibility to our brothers and sisters?

Join us for a timely, lively, and challenging examination of many underlying beliefs and assumptions that, upon examination, turn out to be false and lead us on paths running counter to call of Christ.


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